Can Incense Help with Stress and Anxiety?

A lot of people do not know a very special property of incense and, perhaps, you did not know. It is about the effects it has against anxiety and stress. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you could be faced with a remedy that could help you. In addition to your medical or psychological treatment, incense could provide you with extra help when it comes to improving your emotional state.

Among its components incense has incensol acetate, a compound that has a direct effect on various areas of the brain linked to emotions. This would explain why in various religious practices or in activities such as meditation or yoga is used. Using incense cones or sticks in an incense burner releases this compound in the air.

Thanks to their properties, body and mind relax, going on to experience a state of complete peace and harmony. By producing these effects, incense helps us find balance. Well, on many occasions, we are tormented by thoughts, worries and negative emotions. That is why you usually see incense burners being used in places of relaxation such as spas.

Much has been stressed about the need to find happiness. However, this resides in a good balance in all aspects of our life. Thus, we could obtain the following from the incense :

  • Stimulates concentration and relaxation
  • It is an aid against insomnia
  • Together with your professional treatment, it helps you raise your self-confidenc
  • It allows us to develop a state of greater awareness. Sometimes we are not aware of the present and we see life pass before our eyes without meaning. The incense will help you focus on the now
  • It serves as an aphrodisiac. Like strawberries or chocolate, it can be a help to increase sexual desire or appetite.

Possible Adverse Effects

However, despite all the positive that can be said of this element, there is something that we can not forget and that has raised great criticism towards it. Thus, it has been said that the smoke of incense is as harmful as tobacco. However, using natural incense with your incense burner can reduce the potential harm that you may get from, smoke.

It is true that inhaling its smoke can cause more problems than benefits in some people. Therefore, to avoid generating any kind of discomfort, you just have to maintain a series of precautions. To do this, every time we burn incense, we must ensure that there is ventilation in the place where we are. And be sure to always monitor your incense burner to make sure that it does not go out of control.

Are you one of those who use incense to aromatize or also to relax? Now you know how to get the most out of it and always remember to make sure there is a minimum of ventilation. Finally, recommend that, first of all, emotional problems should be treated with mental health professionals. Incense is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can be a good complement to it.

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