Geology Conference – How Geo Scientists Are Believed to Be Vital For Environmental Protection

Geology Conference is one of the prominent international science conferences that are organized annually. This will be one of the best place where people from all around the world can have an opportunity to gather and share their views on the latest research and development in the field of geology. Geo conference will serve as a great platform where the leading international academics and scientific researchers from all over the globe can come together and share their ideas, experiences and research about geology. This conference series will offer you complete and up-to-date information and listing about the upcoming conference.

Geology Conference is one of the important meeting that will help you present your research work, and new ideas in the field of geology. The main goal of the Geology Conference is to share the new research results and ideas to everyone who is interested. Geology Conference will also serve as the platform where different universities, colleges and schools arrange their course research programs. The scope of the Geo conference can be anything related to geology field.

In the year 2020 the first Geo conference took place and it was called’Geo Convention’. In this conference different countries all around the world had their own meeting to discuss and decide their research agenda and also share their latest geoscience research results and in turn this discussed can be used in future geoscience research. The scope of Geo convention was spread from geology to space sciences, earth sciences and also to applications. The participants of this first conference included countries like Canada, United States, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, France, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.

Now a day’s more people are becoming aware of our planet and what we can do on it. The rising concern about global warming has created a new interest in Geology which is not new. Our earth is facing many hazardous changes and one of these is the depletion of natural resources. The other effect of global warming is the increase in the level of precipitation globally. Geologists have a major part to play in preserving the environment for future generations.

The second Geo conference took place in January and it was known as the’Rio+20′. This time the participants from all over the globe gather in Rio de Janeiro to take part in the 18th International Conference on Climate Change. This conference brought forth new commitments made by different countries and the understanding of each other on the issue of climate change and how it can be addressed.

Now a day there is a separate meeting of Petroleum Geology, which is held every year in Houston, Texas. The main subject of this meeting is Global Warming and how the fast rate of change can be limited. Many oil companies are showing an interest to participate and take part in the discussions that are being held to combat Global warming. There are also some oil exploration platforms operating in the waters of the world which are also participating to try and drill for natural gas and oil. So there are new issues that have been joined and a need for Geo scientists to get involved in this subject and help determine what the effects will be if we don’t change our ways of living our earth.