Hardwood floor cleaning products

There are various types of hardwood flooring products in the market today. These wood floor products come in various sizes and colors. Before making a purchase of wood flooring products, make sure you consider all the features like wear, warranty, thickness, and construction type. It is also important to keep in mind the number of finishing coats the hardwood flooring has.

You should always remember that like all other products, hardwood flooring products which have an unbelievably low price, are most likely of a low quality. After setting the budget, you must look around for a wood floor that will best suit the room’s purpose, and effectively complement the room’s décor. A professional contractor should be employed while installing a hardwood floor, to investigate the technical details to ensure durability. The main types or styles of hardwood floors are parquet, plank, and strip flooring, which give different effects to a room. Cork and Bamboo Hardwoods are popular now too.

An acrylic impregnated wood floor is one where acrylic is injected into the wood, thereby making the floor very durable. It is used in shopping malls and food joints as well as kitchens and certain family rooms. Solid all hardwood floors are made of one plank of wood and come in a wide range of choices and can make a wonderful difference to your room.

Using the unfinished product can be a very dusty affair, and a dust containment system should be used. The sanding and finishing often take a long time to complete. The cost of this procedure varies around the country, and generally, the average is two to four dollars per square feet. The refinished product is produced in acrylic impregnated, engineered and solid wood floors. This kind of hardwood flooring has become very popular all over, because of the durable and tough finishing given by the factory.

Now come to the cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floor. It is important to keep the floor clean and shiny all the time. Though the cleaning procedure of the hardwood floor is different than the other type of floor, it is not that difficult. With regular effort, you can clean your hardwood floor easily.

Along with cleaning, it is also important to maintain the hygiene of the hardwood floor. Using Rubbermaid mops for hardwood floors, you can easily clean the floor. You will find out different types of mops in the store and super shop, but not every mop is suitable for your hardwood floor. The wooden floor always needs some special attention. With the Rubbermaid mop, you can provide your floor the proper cleanliness.

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