How to organize golf bags?

Organizing a golf bag makes playing a round of golf goes smoothly. With the right golf bag, all clubs, including drivers, woods, wedges, and hybrids, have a place to go. This eliminates the need to root through the bag looking for the right club.  It also prevents clubs from getting damaged – by banging into and rubbing against one another.

Golfers looking to buy easy to organize golf bags should go for those with built-in divider systems. Dividers create a place for each individual club to be stored. This prevents clubs from tangling and keeps them from rattling. Another option is to buy an organization insert. These inserts fit into the bag and can be removed between uses or for cleaning.

Organized golf bags make playing go faster by cutting down on having to dig through the bag for a specific item. To organize a golf bag, begin by placing the longest clubs in each divider starting at the back of the bag, which is closest to the strap. Go from left to right, inserting the drivers, woods, and hybrids.

The shorter clubs should be on the right. With that in mind, place the irons and wedges in next, also going from left to right. The putter is the shortest club, so it should always go last. Some golf bags come with an exclusive pit made for putters.

Golfers who want to carry around extra accessories should buy a bag with lots of pockets and zippered storage compartments. Remember that buying a bag with more pockets means adding extra weight to the bag. Golf bags come equipped with special pockets to hold drinks, gloves, extra jackets, and umbrellas.

An organized golfer knows their bag from the inside out and stores the items they use the most in easy to get to pockets. Since balls, tees, ball markers, and ball marker repair tools are used on every hole, keep these in the pockets that are easiest to reach. Golfers using carts should keep these items in the pockets facing away from the cart.

All valuable items like wallets and jewelry can be stored in pockets that aren’t as easy to get to. Unless the golfer plans on buying something from the clubhouse or the drink cart, these items are not going to be used and should be kept in a safe place. Storing these items in hard to get to reach pockets helps to prevent them from being stolen.

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