Physical requirements for golfing

Like almost no other sport, golf can be adapted to the physical conditions of the athlete. Like archery, golf does not require speed or quick response, but the effort should not be underestimated. After all, a player lays down between six and a half and ten kilometers on the field during a round in about five hours, with energy consumption of up to 1500 kilocalories. In addition, the blow requires a lot of concentration. However, the lack of risky peak loads is advantageous – the pulse of a golfer moves on the green between 100 and 150 beats per minute.

Persevere for several hours and kilometers

If you want to start playing golf, you should be able to walk so well that you can handle several hours and kilometers without any problems. Although the sport is a significant continuous load, without peaks, it is generally suitable even for people with cardiovascular issues. However, an individual risk should be clarified in advance, if necessary, with a doctor.

Good body coordination

The second physical requirement for playing golf is a good coordination ability. Below are seven sub-skills summarized:

1. Fine-tuning of body movements and movement phases
2. Coupling of the progress of individual body parts to a total body movement
3. Reaction to external signals
4. Orientation in space, especially concerning objects such as golf ball and rackets
5. Keep balance and restore
6. Conversion to new environmental conditions during the execution of a movement
7. Capture and reproduce motion rhythms
8. Adequate skills in these areas are a prerequisite for obtaining the handicap, but also limit the risk of injury, which is luckily relatively low in golf connection. However, beginners, in particular, can get hurt, for example, if they hack into the ground as a result of a lack of coordination in the body.
9. Basic golf tactics for beginners

If the physical requirements are met, you are ready to go for golfing. It can also be helpful for beginners to improve their chances at the tee, on the fairway and the green.

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