Video gaming and fitness

video game vs fitness

Video gaming with good gaming setup is not only limited to IT geeks or kids, but people of all ages also play different kinds of games more or less nowadays. The video gaming industry has gone to revolutionary phase in recent years. Technology advancement, internet access, has helped the gaming industry to grow faster worldwide. The interactive gameplay, graphics, design have made the gaming experience more enjoyable. People who spend much time playing games in the PC, sitting back in a single position for long hours, tend to face many physical difficulties. If your body does not remain active, it will definitely make you suffer in the longer run.

video game vs fitness

Fitness is a very important issue for all people. Parents should be concerned when their kids spend most of their time sitting in front of the PC, rather than doing any physical activities. Video game addiction can cause many physical difficulties and also effects much on mental state. Of course, these games can make your kid sharper, intelligent, logical in their decisions, understand planning, team play, etc. But spending too much time in gaming will make them lazy, not only that some might start avoiding their daily life activities, studies, etc. Sitting in front of the screen all the day will put much pressure on your eyesight, back pains, etc. That is why it is imperative that you realize gaming should be limited to the certain duration of your leisure, not all the time.

Though people think, gamers don’t have good fitness, as they get addicted much to playing games all day. But it is necessarily not true. There are many people out there who realize physical fitness is as much important as doing other things. People who are more into gaming tends to remain at home, doing less physical activities. But if you maintain your schedule and do some tricks, maintaining fitness and playing games is not impossible at all. Moreover, many gamers get highly influenced of maintaining fitness and good physic following their favorite gaming characters.

As a gamer, if you spend more of your time in gaming, you can try simple exercise while playing to maintain your fitness. People who are addicted to TV shows do a simple fitness technique, taking a break in commercials where they do some quick crunches or exercises during TV commercials. You can also do the same, after playing for half an hour, or a single match, you can do quick exercises. You can also spend the game loading time in exercising.

If you play in smartphones, you can play while doing cycling in your exercise bike where there does not need much control.

Different kinds of active video games have turned the table towards the people who keep questioning about the gamer’s fitness. Through these active video games, one can work on their fitness and also enjoy playing games remaining at home.